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Yo Soy Blacktina - Dr. Clara Marcela Mosquera-Lopez

Afro-Latina Scientist Dr. Clara Marcela Mosquera-Lopez is breaking ground in science. Read more about her dedicated work in the field of STEM...

Blacktina Magazine is honored to showcase Afro-Latina Scientist Dr. Clara Marcela Mosquera-Lopez in our Yo Soy Blacktina series for her dedicated work in the field of science.

Born in Quibdó, the Chocó Department of Colombia, Dr. Mosquera-Lopez was recently named the 2015 Afro Scientist of the Year (La Científica Afro del Año) by El Espectador (the oldest newspaper in Colombia). She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Management of Technology from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana at Medellín (Colombia), in 2007 and 2010, respectively. In 2015, she earned a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Currently a Senior Imaging Scientist at Intel Corporation, Dr. Mosquera-Lopez has published over nine papers in various international engineering journals. Her research has focused on the development of image processing algorithms for quantitative analysis of biomedical images, and pattern recognition methods applied to computer-aided cancer diagnosis. She recently submitted a patent application for automatic detection of cancer using digitized images of biopsies.

It is not only refreshing to see an Afro-Latina breaking ground in STEM, a field where there are so few black women, but also inspiring to see a true role model for young Afro-Latinas.

Photo credit: © Clara Marcela Mosquera-Lopez

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