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"Statement of Purpose"

Blacktina Magazine offers Afro-Latinas an opportunity to celebrate, to unite, to be inspired, to be informed, and to be entertained. Our mission is to infuse our readers with a sense of Afro-Latina pride and history, and to build an international community of Afro-Latinas.


Photo credit: © Peathegee Inc/Blend Images/Corbis

"Desired Future State"

Blacktina Magazine’s vision is to be the premiere digital magazine for Afro-Latinas both here and abroad. Blacktina Magazine will be the most recognized resource that gives voice to today’s Afro-Latina by:


  • Consistently offering our readers relevant and engaging content that covers a range of topics from beauty, fashion, and health to career, entertainment, and politics.
  • Celebrating and highlighting the lives of influential Afro-Latinas.
  • Inspiring and encouraging the personal, financial, professional, and social growth of Afro-Latinas.
  • Proactively anticipating and meeting the needs and expectations of our multicultural and international readers.
  • Cultivating a multilingual digital community that fosters communication and fellowship.
  • Continuously enhancing and promoting Blacktina Magazine as the premiere digital destination for Afro-Latinas.
  • Ever-evolving and responsive to the rapid pace of the digital age.


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