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Afro-Mexican Population Lacks Basic Human Rights

According to the Comisión Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH), there is a lack of inclusive public policies for African descendent communities in northern Mexico.

In far north Mexico, there are small communities of Afro-Mexican populations, especially in the state of Coahuila and along the border that Mexico shares with Texas. These Afro-Mexican communities are descendants of free blacks and runaway slaves who fled the United States in the 19th century.

One particular population, the Negros Mascogos, which originated in 1856, consisted of runaway slaves and free blacks from Florida, along with Seminoles and Kickapoos. They settled in and around the lands of the El Nacimiento community in the city of Múzquiz, which is located in the central part of northern Coahuila.

The News reports that there are approximately two hundred Negros Mascogos living in the city of Múzquiz. There are very few young people, and a high number of adults and elderly. Today, the population is facing difficulties in exercising and gaining respect for their basic human rights. Currently, there is a lack of health services, and a lack of a basic food and water supply. The population is also cut off from most of the state. There is the need for a bridge to cross the Sabinas River, and a highway to connect the population to the rest of Coahuila.

During a recent visit to the El Nacimento community, the CNDH spoke with community members to not only promote and spread a human rights culture, but to also encourage the population to demand the fulfillment of their basic human rights.

The CNDH notes that, in some cases, the impossibility of verifying data or lack of complete official documents has prevented the Negros Mascogos population from completing various procedures required to take advantage of their basic human rights.

Source: The News

Photo Copyright: Heriberto Rodriguez

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