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Erica Mena and Bow Wow - The Drama Continues

If you follow former Love & Hip-Hop: New York star Erica Mena or rapper/actor Shad “Bow Wow” Moss on social media, then you know these two have no issues with sharing their relationship drama on Twitter. Hay ya yai!

Yesterday, Erica took to Twitter to accuse Shad of lying to the media and alluded to physical abuse that she had experienced:

Erica has since deleted these tweets.

These two have been taking some serious shots at each the last couple of months. Weeks ago, Shad posted a photo of himself and his daughter's mother, which many took as a sign of a possible reconciliation. Some took it as an attempt by Shad to make Erica jealous. In response, Erica posted a video on social media calling Shad out. But wait, it didn’t stop there! Erica then took to Twitter to let everyone know that her engagement to Shad was a huge mistake. Haya la vida!

While hosting a Hollywood Hills New Year’s Eve party at Mansion, Shad took the opportunity to take shots at Erica. In a video posted by The Shade Room, the actor said that he's moving on in 2016 and doesn't want to be asked about Erica at all. "I don't care about no broads from 2015” he said. "Shade Room, I know ya'll here. Don't ask me about that crazy b-----."

You can watch is NYE speech below:

Él es muy irrespetuoso! Even if Shad has issues with Erica, calling her out of her name is unacceptable! Could the abuse accusation be true? This video proves that he could possibly be verbally abusive.

If you recall, it wasn’t that long ago that Erica and Shad got together. I really thought these two were going to make it down the aisle. I mean she quit Love & Hip-Hop New York for him (side eye).

Look, we are only six days into a new year. Both Erica and Shad need to leave the relationship drama in 2015. If they are both really ‘OVER’ the relationship, then leave it be. While all of this relationship bochinche is entertaining, it is tacky and immature to air out relationship drama on social media.

It would be silly of us to think that we have heard the last of this. Erica has said her piece. Shad, the ball is now in your court.

Photo credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images for SHOWTIME

Video credit: YouTube

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