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Top Three Fall 2015 Beauty Trends Under $20

This season, it’s all about red lips, rich nail color, and metallic eye shadow.

I love keeping up with trends. Every season I try to incorporate new trends into my fashion and beauty routines. Trust me, I know how expensive it can be when trying to keep up with trends. I live in New York City, and with rent prices going through the roof; I’m always trying to stay within my budget. So now that the cooler months are upon us, I would like to share with you my top three fall beauty trends (all under $20), which will keep you looking and feeling like a fashionista (without breaking the bank of course).

Red Lips

After disappearing for a few seasons, red lips have made a bold return to the fall runways, and I am here for it chicas! For a long time, I thought red lips looked good on everyone else, EXCEPT me! I just couldn’t find the right shade of red with the right undertone for my complexion. A few years ago, I was at the mall, and being the makeup junkie that I am, I stopped by the MAC Cosmetics store. The Sales Associate, who was about my complexion, was wearing a really nice shade of red. Turns out, she was wearing Dubonnet, and guess what, now so am I.

I really love Dubonnet because not only does it go so well with my complexion, it really makes my lips pop. I also love the versatility of this color. It’s not too bold, so I am able to wear it to work during the day, and it’s a sexy shade of red that's great for wearing out at night.

Deep Rich Nail Colors

The fall trend this year for nails are deep rich colors, with a little shimmer and some shine. Now while I love manicured and well-polished nails, chipping is something that I have never been able to escape. I’m nowhere near rich, so I don’t have a cleaning and cooking staff to save me from horrible chipped nail polish. That’s right my fellow Afro-Latinas, this chica cleans, cooks arroz con pollo, fries plantains, and makes Chicheme. As you can imagine my trips to the nail salon are a waste of time and money, because after three days, my expensive gel color manicured nails will start to chip. I have tried acrylic nails in the past, but after all of the damage it was doing to my nail bed, I decided to give it up.

I love Sally Hansen’s Insta -Dri nail color. When combined with the Insta-Dri Top Coat, I can go 5-7 days without chipping. The top coat also gives my nails some marvelous shine. I love that it dries in 60 seconds; which is great if I need to touch up while on the go. The Perfectionist Brush contours to any nail, and it provides coverage in just one coat! The deep nail colors in this collection will keep your nails looking trendy. The price is not bad either - $3.99 at Target (well under $20). My fall must have fall colors are Plummet and Cocoa A Go Go.

Metallic Eye Shadow

From soft shimmer shadows to major-impact glitters, metallic eye shadows are big this fall. When it comes to my eye shadow, I normally like to stick with neutral colors. While I do experiment with rich colors when I’m headed out with my girls or my significant other, for the most part, warm browns and soft pinks are my staple colors.

Wanting to experiment with this season’s trend, I tried NYC’s HD Color Trio Eye Shadow pallet, and I love, love, LOVED it! NYC’s rich HD metallic colors, coupled with a silky texture, makes these pallets a must have for all trend setting Afro-Latinas. They offer true staying power at the unbeatable price of $2.99 (Target). I also love the versatility that these pallets offer. Pallets like #782 Bronzed In Brooklyn, and #792 Streets Paved In Gold, offer colors that are soft and neutral enough to wear to work. Color pallets like #788 Blues Café and #789 West Vintage offer major impact colors for a turnt up night.

What are some of your favorite trends for fall? Comment below.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Lyndz is of Panamanian and Colombian descent. A writer at heart, Lyndz has a Bachelor of Arts in English from Spelman College, and a Master of Science in Publishing: Digital and Print Media from New York University. Lyndz currently lives in New York City. You can follow her on Twitter: @Lyndz_Boogie.

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